September 11, 2019
I was so honored to be part of the Fine Art Exhibit at this year’s Minnesota State Fair. It was the first time I’ve ever entered and I was so pleased it was accepted! From what I understand that there were 2,727 entries this year and only 334 were chosen to be included.
Do you see me watching you? Your eyes sparkle in amusement and I wonder what song is playing in your head at that moment. You dance with joy to the heartbeat of your own music. You are so little, but so big, so fast. Portrait taken at the St. Paul studio location. Scheid Studios serves […]
April 28, 2019
Teaser shot of a new photography project I’m working on. Stay tuned!
April 27, 2019
You can’t go wrong with cotton candy.
March 23, 2015
Another one from Idaho. I love her smile.
March 14, 2015
Idaho trip with the family to be with family.
February 27, 2015
Sad mannequin is sad.  
February 17, 2015
Pretty sure this is haunted.
February 10, 2015
A stack of hats are very satisfying to look at.
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